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Research Square Launches Beta Testing for SciScore Automated Assessment Tool

Durham, NC, 29 September 2020

Authors can use assessments to improve manuscripts for free during beta trials

Research Square is beta testing the new artificial intelligence (AI) based SciScore assessment tool for its preprint platform.

SciScore will help scientists assess their manuscripts for reproducibility and adherence to rigor standards after uploading their preprints onto Research Square -- at no cost during the beta trial.

"As an integrated part of the preprinting process on our platform, SciScore will help authors ensure the science behind their manuscripts is better prepared for peer review," said Rachel Burley, President of Research Square Company. "We are excited to expand the range of tools and services available to researchers through the Research Square platform and to work with such an innovative partner."

SciScore scans preprint methods against various research guidelines and rigor criteria known to support the reproducibility of scientific research, including evidence of reagent identifiability, randomization, sample size estimation, and more. SciScore also analyzes sentences for uniquely identifiable research resources, then generates a Methods Completeness Score and report that will help authors improve the rigor and reproducibility of their preprints.

"It's estimated that 50 percent of the United States' preclinical research spend in recent years is not reproducible, mainly due to flaws in reference material, unreliable source identification, and similar issues," said Anita Bandrowski, Founder and CEO of SciCrunch, which produces SciScore. "Our solution helps flag cell line contamination and other issues for authors at the preprint phase, before they’re submitted to journals."

Authors uploading their manuscripts to ​Research Square​ can opt to receive the SciScore-based Methods Completeness Score and report at no cost through November 1, 2020.

About Research Square​
Research Square, a division of Research Square Company, exists to make research communication faster, fairer, and more useful. Our industry-leading preprint platform, launched in 2018, is a large, author-centric preprint server that brings transparency to the peer review process. Through our journal-integrated In Review service, innovative author dashboard, manuscript assessments, and research promotion services, we enable researchers to establish the primacy of their work, share it with the broader community, and receive useful feedback much earlier in the publication process. By improving the way science is shared, we accelerate the pace of global discovery and advancement.

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About SciScore
SciScore is a scientific content checker / validation tool that verifies common rigor criteria (NIH, MDAR, ARRIVE) and research resources (antibodies, cell lines, organisms). SciScore uses text mining techniques to perform this critical validation in minutes, providing a report to the editors, reviewers, or authors about criteria that have and have not been addressed. Furthermore, it provides a numerical score, which allows editors to assess the percentage of criteria met or not met at a glance.

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Phillip Bogdan
Communications Manager, Research Square Company

Martijn Roelandse
Lead Business Development, SciScore