Karger Starts Trial with Methods Review Tool SciScore

Basel, Switzerland, 5 November 2020

Karger Publishers supports scientists in evaluating their manuscripts for reproducibility.

Karger has started a trial with the artificial intelligence (AI) based methods review tool SciScore, which assesses reproducibility of research. Initially, SciScore analyzes four of Karger’s journals, including 28,690 articles. This provides insight into the reproducibility and transparency of the research, both on a general level in-depth on various rigor criteria and research resources. Compliance with rigor criteria is evaluated. The research resources used in the experiment are reviewed to see if they can be uniquely identified using a persistent identifier (Research Resource Identifiers = RRID). The analysis results in a score for each scientific paper (0-10). And these scores are averaged for each journal every year.

The Karger pilot journals are:
Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics
Liver Cancer
Cytogenetics and Genome Research

In the future, Karger plans to use these key performance indicators in the peer review process to improve the reproducibility of the research published by Karger.

"By integrating SciScore, Karger is supporting scientists in evaluating their manuscripts for reproducibility, a key criterion of scientific quality. We continually strive to improve our products and services for our customers, as the health science community is in the center of everything we do. Partnerships with startups are crucial to this objective," says Daniel Ebneter, CEO at Karger Publishers.

"We are pleased to partner with Karger to enhance reproducibility of published papers. We are also very excited to interact with authors ahead of publication to improve reporting standards at such a trusted publisher in Health Sciences." said Anita Bandrowski, Founder and CEO of SciCrunch, the company that offers SciScore.

Authors uploading their manuscripts to ​Research Square​ can opt to receive the SciScore-based Methods Completeness Score and report at no cost through November 1, 2020.

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About SciScore
SciScore is a scientific content checker / validation tool that verifies common rigor criteria (NIH, MDAR, ARRIVE) and research resources (antibodies, cell lines, organisms). SciScore uses text mining techniques to perform this critical validation in minutes, providing a report to the editors, reviewers, or authors about criteria that have and have not been addressed. Furthermore, it provides a numerical score, which allows editors to assess the percentage of criteria met or not met at a glance.

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